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Fri Jul 22, 2016 9:32 am

How to trouble shoot intermittent network problem?

Fri Jul 22, 2016 9:57 am

We have a user that is constantly getting network errors. I am trying to help resolve this problem because both my boss and the hardware guy have given up. One problem is that I am a software developer and this makes my networks skills very limited. I don't mind learning so any links anyone thinks may be beneficial can be provided. I read about the seven layers and how they wrap the data in thier own packet with a header, but this doesn't give me any ideas on how to trouble shoot.

This is a business with a windows network. All the machines are Windows 7. The problems stem from the ERP application. Although earlier it seemed outlook was causing them too. Either that stopped or she stopped reporting those. This has been going on for about 4 weeks. The hardware guy changed the nic, checked the wire with a tester, replaced the PC, ran a temporary wire only to remove it when it didn't work and changed the port on the switch. Nothing worked. A lot of the errors are timeouts. There are some that come back "object not set" from the vendor code which I can not step through plus they are lookups that return the same data everytime and they work on subsequent activations. I suspect those are timeouts as well since she got that error from my code once and the only way I was able to reproduce it was to force a timeout in my data manager which then returned nothing then the same "object not set" error.

I've been asking users around her to report any errors that they get and have been checking with them everyday. The only errors I saw from them where not timeout related (active x control registration issues we get from using Access 2003). I asked her if she had any extra applications running and all she had was her browser, Outlook and the ERP. I then told her to keep her cell phone away from the computer (I know, I'm pulling at straws here) but that did not work either.

She is fairly computer savvy, she can ctl-alt-delete out of an application and take screen shots so I don't think its her, but there is something going on here. She received 4 errors today (possible 5 but she got "application not responding" and cancelled it before it could report an error), 2 yesterday and they come at different times.

Can someone provide me with troubleshooting instructions or tools?


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