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Fri Nov 21, 2014 2:27 am

Questions about networking.

Fri Nov 21, 2014 2:41 am


I'm a novice in networking and my workmate asked my some questions I'd like to find an answer.
I'm not sure if I ask these questions in the right place but here goes.

1. What kind of data transfer protocol is used in 802 based wifi networks? Is it TDMA based or CDMA based? Modulations are QAM, QPSK and their upgraded versions, but how does the bit move in the sky?

2. 802 - based WLAN devices usually work on 2.4G or 5G frequency area. Is that frequency area somehow split in to uplink and downlink channels and how many channels there are per system?

3. Does 802 - based system support handoffs between cells or does the connection break when we come to the edge of the cell where the connection was created? or does the device/access point follow SSID for example.
It seems that wlan access point can also be attached to cellularnetwork, because wifi offloading need somekind of handshake between the systems?

Thanks in advance

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Tue May 24, 2016 2:20 am

Re: Questions about networking.

Thu Jun 02, 2016 1:26 am

You must take help from google.


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