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Joe Hilton
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Mon Apr 10, 2017 2:06 pm

Windows Mobile 6.1 VPN Connection dropping

Mon Apr 10, 2017 2:13 pm

I am having an issue maintaining a VPN connection on a CN50 using Windows Mobile 6.1. I am trying to communicate with a listener through the handheld by using a GPRS connection to connect to the VPN that the listener is on. When doing this only a few messages get to the listener, before messages stop getting through. This functionality has been tested thoroughly using wifi and works as expected.

It would help me if anyone has any advice or can tell how to: Programmatically disconnect cellular and VPN not just request it and a better way to check the connection status of VPN and cellular.

The reason I suspect the VPN is the problem is because if the listener stops receiving requests, I can manually tell the device to connect to the VPN and cellular. When I do this, the cellular displays nothing (treats it like it is already connected), but when I tell it to connect to the VPN to connect a message that says it is attempting to connect and the messages begin transferring again. In order to reconnect to the cellular and VPN programmatically I am using opennetcf. This approach works for a while, but eventually records will stop transferring or I will start receiving the message that the VPN cannot connect. At this point I can manually disconnect and re connect successfully to get a few more records.

I have not had any success with finding a way to programmatically disconnect from cellular and VPN. Everything I have found indicates the most I can do is request the operating system to disconnect them. When I attempt to request a disconnect then connect, the device is unable to connect for any length of time.

I have also not had any luck with determining the status of the cellular or VPN connections in code. The connection manager has a status, but it is unreliable. It frequently says disconnected, when everything is working fine, and says connected when it is not. I have also looked into the information available by using OpenNETCF.Net.NetworkInformation.NetworkInterface.GetAllNetoworkInterfaces. This shows the types of connections that I am attempting to use such as VPN, cellular, Ethernet. The status for cellular and VPN are always unreachable with an operational status of up.
I am programming in VB.NET, the device is set to never sleep or shutdown.

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