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Sun May 08, 2016 5:56 pm

Cisco 819 ISR won't connect to correct APN

Sun May 08, 2016 6:18 pm


I'm using an 819 ISR (integrated services router) to connect to our corporate APN through Telstra Australia's 4G mobile network. The device is basically a router/AP thrown into one box, the two devices are connected by virtual interfaces.

I'm unable to connect to our telstra.corp network, despite using a valid username/password which we've tested through other means of connection. The router picks up the standard telstra public network IP address, and the profile i've set up for telstra.corp (profile 3) picks up this same IP address. The IP should be different to the one from profile 1. It should reflect our private telstra.corp network.

Any help in this would be appreciated.

Router#show cellular 0 profile

Profile 1 = ACTIVE
PDP Type = IPv4
PDP address =
Access Point Name (APN) = telstra.internet
Authentication = None
Primary DNS address =
Secondary DNS address =

Profile 3 = ACTIVE* **
PDP Type = IPv4
PDP address =
Access Point Name (APN) = telstra.privatecorporate
Authentication = CHAP
Username: username@telstra.privatecorporate
Password: telstrapassword
Primary DNS address =
Secondary DNS address =

* - Default profile
** - LTE attach profile

Configured default profile for active SIM 0 is profile 3.

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