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Thu Jul 18, 2013 1:34 am

no dns lookup's from nat clients

Wed Aug 23, 2017 2:11 am

Hi guys,

I have an old ns5gt appliance in my home network between my broadband router and my raspberry boards.
I started from blank factory reset and one of the raspberry boards is acting as client from a DHCP server throught the NAT of the appliance. With a ip address of the 192.168.1.x NW.

however when I tried to update the linux OS on the raspberry raspberry board I noticed that the board could no resolve hosts on the net.
Code: Select all
root@bananapi:/home/user dig

; <<>> DiG 9.10.3-P4-Ubuntu <<>>
;; global options: +cmd
;; connection timed out; no servers could be reached

I therefore googled for some guides which could help to add missing bits to my config and found the following texts

[ScreenOS] How to define DNS server addresses and schedule lookups ... p=METADATA

[ScreenOS] Configure DNS Proxy in the Juniper firewall ... id=KB20555

Which I did add to the config on the router. However the board still cannot resolve domains on the net.
When I do try to ping the google DNS it comes back fine without any loss.

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