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Tue May 01, 2012 6:32 pm

3G Internet antenna Upgrades questions.

Tue May 01, 2012 10:03 pm

Please click on the embedded links, they will help explain my situation a lot better.

We get our internet off of the Sprint 3G network, which has max speeds of 3Mb/s, through a provider called Broadband Q Wireless and we're currently getting an average of .5Mb/s on a good day.The antenna that came with our internet supplies is a generic indoor, Omani-directional antenna that I can't even find any information on.

I've done a bit of research and found an outdoor antenna that should double if not triple our signal, and I've also found the cord and adapter we'd need to hook them up to the modem.

Wilson Directional Antenna - $55.50

However I've done some asking around and found that a Yagi antenna would be a better choice. Do any of you have any ideas for a antenna that would work better than the one I listed? We're desperate for a speed increase, but we have to keep the budget for this at $150 tops. We need a good antenna capable of giving us at least another Mb, if that's possible. I'm not entirely sure of how far the tower is, but we are on the edge of coverage.

After just one search, I found this Yagi antenna. I don't know a lot about networking, so if you guys could help me out on this, it would be awesome!

We'd have to mount this on the side of the Southwest corner house, pointed to the nearest tower, and it'd hopefully boost the signal considerably.

We'd also need at least 50ft of Low-Loss coax cable to reach from the antenna to the modem.

Ultra Low-Loss Coax Cable - $54.99

I'm pretty sure 50ft would be fine, but if not a 100ft cable is available, but it's more expensive at $89.63

The modem that came from our ISPuses a 3G EVDO Data card, that uses a FME cord to connect to the current antenna. The above cord and antenna are the standard size connector, so in order for them to work with the modem we'd need to get an adapter.

Wilson N Female To FME Female Connector - $7.95

The coax cord I listed has both N-male connectors, but the modem has a FME Male connector, so we'd need a N-female to FME female adapter to plug the cord into the modem.

The total cost of this would be $118.94

Even if the antenna does double, or even triple or signal, we wouldn't be able to game online very easily, at least not with someone else on. It would however make loading a webpage much, much easier and quicker. However one of the big problems with this is that if the items are DOA, or don't boost the signal enough to be worth it, we'd have to ship them back in order to get a refund.

So my question, other than the antenna, would be is it worth it? With a 18 dBi antenna would we see a large speed increase, or none at all? This is our only option for unlimited internet, we've been looking for the 6 years we've lived here. Like I said at the top, we get our internet off Sprint's 3G EVDO network, and so we need to have an antenna that all we gotta do it install it, plug it in and it works.

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