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Sat Oct 03, 2015 11:45 am

CCNA Home Lab Help

Sat Oct 03, 2015 12:04 pm


I am completely new to this and know nothing so please take that into account when you read this. My goal is to get my CCNA and so my first decision was to get my own lab. Here's what I have and then I will ask my question.

3 - 2811 routers

1 - Frame Relay Simulator

1 - 3550 switch

2 - 2950 switches

According to the vendor where I purchased these products I have 15.1 loaded on them.

Then I have misc crossover cables, ethernet patch cables, serial interface cards, etc etc.

Training material - CCNA Study guide by Todd Lammle and access to the CCNA training guide by Chris Bryant.

This is embarrassing but my question...

I have looked everywhere from help in building a lab to what training to use and there's lots of information about those topics online but no one tells me how to actually turn this stuff on properly and hook it up to a computer, monitor, or whatever so I can view the OS and actually use any of it. I have done some virtual labs in the past using Cisco's OS but now I have the real thing in front of me and I don't even know how to hook a computer/monitor to it or what I need to actually make this stuff work at the very basic level. All the training material I have I guess just assumes I know that much because it goes right into teaching different commands or networking concepts and I am not ready for that yet because I am not in a virtual environment anymore. Can someone please give me information on how to just turn on properly, how to connect a laptop or monitor, and talk to these devices at the very basic level? Once I know that stuff I feel I have adequate training material and past experience in a virtual environment to take it from there on my own.

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