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Mon Jul 25, 2016 1:58 am

IOS Software Updates

Mon Jul 25, 2016 2:07 am

Hi all,

I have just started with a new company and they have some CIsco kit. I am not a cisco expert as i am more server side, however the switches do fall under my remit.

The question i have is this, We have 13 cisco switches, they are a mixturee of 3560x-48t-s, 2960S and 2924c, the IOS firmware is a mixture but mainly 12.2. looking on the cisco website i can see that the latest version is 15.6 but the suggested version is 15.2.

I have looked on and i can see that there are differences in the firmwares but its a bit confusing as it suggests that the new firmware has fewer features than the older firmware.

my questions are:
1) should you keep up to date on firmware releases?
2) do you ever loose features when upgrading?
3) when you upgrade does it wipe the configuration, if so can you save the older configuration and then reapply it to the newer release?

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