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Cisco Certification Exam Discount Program

Thu Jul 28, 2016 1:13 am

Hope that you are all enjoyig networking with cisco. Dou you know about the discount program by cisco?

If not then in this post we’ll learn something about this discount program. The netacad students who enroll some programs like Cisco CCNA composite, Cisco CCENT, ccna security etc. may qualify for the discount program provided by cisco. To get the cisco certification, the students need to follow some steps, also students may need to fulfill some conditions. Lets discuss something about them:

Generally for the following courses you may get the discount:

CCNA Routing and Switching : Routing and Switching essential
CCNA Routing and Switching : Connecting Networks
CCNA Security
CCNA Discovery 2 : Working at a Small to Medium Business or ISPO
CCNA Discovery 4 : Designing and supporting Computer Networks
CCNA Exploration 4 : Accessing the WAN

So how you can be qualified for the CCNA discount? Generally for those exams, you need to score 75% or higher on 1st attempt. Also you beed to complete the NetSpace Grade Book.

The process can be summarized as below:
So you may have a question in mind, what about the validity of this discount program?

The validity remains for 3 months from the graded date. Also to take the discount voucher, students must request their discount voucer. Generally it takes 14 days to the process system of the voucer. Also these can be changed.
Opportunities to take a certification exam for free:

Networking academies have the option in their hand to offer their voucer eligible students the opportunity to tahke the certification exam for free. For this networking academy can purchase vouchers directly from the pearson VUE. Generally these pre-paid vouchers, when used with the discount vouchers enable these students to register and take their exam with no cost.

Here is the fee:

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