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Configuring Basic MPLS TE Tunnels

posted in Cisco Networking, Technical
by on May 27th, 2009 tags: , , ,

This article will assume a familiarity with basic MPLS concepts and configurations and will focus on setting up and maintaining TE tunnels for MPLS.

One of the inherent benefits of MPLS is the fact that it relies on labels to forward traffic throughout the cloud. The nature of these labels is such that they can be stacked upon one another to define a very specific route the frame should take. Routing protocols with MPLS TE extensions exist, such as OSPF-TE and ISIS-TE as well. These protocols allow for dynamic “contstraint-based routing” dependent on the current load of links throughout the network. I will not discuss these protocols in today’s post, and rather focus on manual TE tunnels only. You can look forward to future posts regarding these protocols though.

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