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Cisco Automated Config Backup

posted in Cisco Networking, Technical
by on October 10th, 2012 tags: , ,

SNMP provides a common management interface across platforms that support the MIB OIDs. The ability to automate a process once and not having to worry about CLI syntax nuances across different platforms makes SNMP an ideal choice for network management. The CISCO-CONFIG-COPY-MIB can be used to backup configurations on devices that support this MIB.

There are many products on the market that can backup Cisco device configurations and typically require the user to make a config file that defines each IP address of the device to backup. I manage a lab infrastructure that consists of an aggregate /17 network (consists of ~700 live hosts at any one time) and devices in the lab are constantly being removed/added. Trying to track individual IP addresses in this environment is difficult. The ability to execute automatic host discovery, and once a host is discovered backup the configuration. The aforementioned challenge has to be solved post-haste and I have a budget of $0 for new products. Here is my solution for automated host discovery and config backup.

Configurations are backed up by FTP after writing to the appropriate MIB objects. Networks are scanned by NMAP using ICMP (automatic host discovery). Hosts that reply to the ICMP request are a candidate for backup. Configuration backup will succeed provided that device is using SNMPv2c write access communities or SNMPv3 write access users. Script below uses SNMPv3 as an example. Script will create a directory (named by date) under the users home directory and the backup files will appear as the IP addresses of the device.

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