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Rsync On CentOS 5.6

posted in General, Technical
by on September 9th, 2011 tags: , , , , ,

Just a quick blog about Rsync on A CentOS 5.6 box. I’m currently using Rsync to backup our Samba Server – all 500 Gigs of it!!

It’s going to take a few days but it will have an exact replica of the Samba server on the Rsync server and you don’t have to have any clients installed on other machines for Rsync to work. All you need is administrative credentials on the machine you are going to Rsync with.

Once I’ve figured all of this out, I will be setting my Rsync box to start backing up automatically every night (full backup) and also, when a file is changed on the Samba Server. I’m going to try and figure out the latter as I haven’t figured out how Rsync will be able to detect that a file has changed or been removed, etc. Once I have done so though I’m sure it’s going to be very handy, also I’ll be setting the Rsync box to backup all of the the user areas and profiles held on the DCs and also the users folder on the PCs.

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