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IPv6 for Enterprise Networks Review

posted in Printed Material, Reviews
by on June 6th, 2011 tags: , ,

IPv6 for Enterprise Networks

Not too long ago CiscoPress offered up a copy of the new IPv6 for Enterprise Networks by Shannon McFarland, Muninder Sambi, Nikhil Sharma, and Sanjay Hooda in return for a review here on the blog. I jumped at the chance to write the review for the site blog and give something back (or because I love free stuff…take your pick).

Right up front I’d like to say thanks to Steve and CiscoPress for the copy of IPv6 for Enterprise Networks that was provided to me. There has been a fair amount of hype around the release of this book, and the timing of its release almost exactly to the exhaustion of IPv4 within IANA is I’m sure not a coincidence, so I had been very interested in picking up a copy for myself.

Alright, enough of the full disclosure, let’s get at the review.

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Basic IPv6 Routing

posted in Cisco Networking, Technical
by on May 10th, 2010 tags: , , , , ,

The purpose of this article is to discuss and compare different methods of routing in IPv6. In particular, we will cover configuration of static routing with IPv6, RIPng, OSPFv3, IS-IS for IPv6,  Multi-protocol BGP, and EIGRP. We will also go over the application of some basic troubleshooting commands, including show commands.

To begin, we will use the below topology.

Basic IPv6 Routing

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Beginners Guide to IPv6

posted in General, Technical
by on July 12th, 2009 tags: ,

Welcome to IPv6. This is a very beginner guide into how IPv6 addressing works. You may already be aware of the size difference of IPv6 (128 bits) compared to IPv4 (32 bits), which gives us a virtually unlimited amount of addresses. To give a perspective, you could allocate more than the entire IPv4 address space to every human on the planet and still have plenty of addresses leftover. There are approximately 665,570,793,348,866,943,898,599 IPv6 address for every square meter of the surface of the Earth.IPv6 addressing is a little different than IPv4.I won’t go in depth with explanation; this is simply just to get you a basic grasp of the IPv6 concept so that you won’t be completely lost when you see one.

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IPv6 and MP-BGP

posted in Cisco Networking, Technical
by on May 18th, 2009 tags: ,

This post will focus on the capability of MP-BGP (multiprotocol extensions for BGP) to carry IPv6 routes between peers.

MP-BGP is an incredibly powerful protocol that allows BGP to carry NLRI (Network Layer Reachability Information) for various different address families. Among these families are IPv6, multicast (IPv4 and IPv6), and MPLS labels. Today I’ll be focusing on the IPv6 address family, but expect several more posts in the future focusing on the other address families.

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Achieving IPv6 Internet-Connectivity Using 6in4

posted in Cisco Networking, Technical
by on May 11th, 2009 tags: ,

This is the first of what I hope to be many blog posts on the new Networking Forum Blog.

Basic Info

In this post I will focus on transitioning your home (or any other small network using Cisco hardware) to a network that is IPv6-ready, something I believe to be very important these days. The following explanation will be using the “dual stack” transition method where most or all hosts on the network can and will operate using IPv6 or IPv4 concurrently. In addition, this post assumes a familiarity with IPv6 in general; so rather than delving into the theory, I will mainly present practical considerations.

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