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Networking Appliances Explained

posted in Education, Training
by on January 5th, 2012 tags: , ,

If you’re new in the networking field and are faced with a complex network design, or are asked to design one, it can be a difficult task understanding what everything does. The certifications don’t cover it all: there’s so much more to networking than just routers and switches.

Therefor: an explanation about various appliances you’ll likely meet or need in a company. An appliance is a device that performs a specific purpose. Most simple example is a router: it’s actually a computer, but it can only provide routing. Here’s a list of other common devices:

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Beginners Guide to IPv6

posted in General, Technical
by on July 12th, 2009 tags: ,

Welcome to IPv6. This is a very beginner guide into how IPv6 addressing works. You may already be aware of the size difference of IPv6 (128 bits) compared to IPv4 (32 bits), which gives us a virtually unlimited amount of addresses. To give a perspective, you could allocate more than the entire IPv4 address space to every human on the planet and still have plenty of addresses leftover. There are approximately 665,570,793,348,866,943,898,599 IPv6 address for every square meter of the surface of the Earth.IPv6 addressing is a little different than IPv4.I won’t go in depth with explanation; this is simply just to get you a basic grasp of the IPv6 concept so that you won’t be completely lost when you see one.

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