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First post!

posted in Site News
by on May 7th, 2009

Testing initial functionality of the blog. Everything is looking good so far. :)


A thread has been created on the site forum specifically for commenting on this blog post.

17 Responses to “First post!”

  1. spam attempt

    Please come visit my website at or

    Why doesn’t your blog post state that you are the author, IAN???

  2. ibarrere

    I DON’T KNOW?!?! Haha, I was wondering that too, am I supposed to sign it or something?

    Your comment sent me an email about it being a spam attempt, lol.

    • Steve

      Ok, post author’s who comment on their own post are now displayed with a separate background color. That only took 4 hours to figure out. :)

  3. Steve

    Might have found the answer. I will spend some time on this today.

  4. Pedro2501

    Looking pretty swish.

    Would you get a notification if the link was from the main forum?

  5. Ristau5741

    Blog site, how about a FLOG site?

  6. Vito

    Hey homos

  7. wraith

    smoooth Vito

  8. leosv

    steve, quit spamming the site

  9. Vito

    I do what I can…

  10. expaddy

    Looks cool