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IPv6 for Enterprise Networks Review

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by on June 6th, 2011 tags: , ,

IPv6 for Enterprise Networks

Not too long ago CiscoPress offered up a copy of the new IPv6 for Enterprise Networks by Shannon McFarland, Muninder Sambi, Nikhil Sharma, and Sanjay Hooda in return for a review here on the blog. I jumped at the chance to write the review for the site blog and give something back (or because I love free stuff…take your pick).

Right up front I’d like to say thanks to Steve and CiscoPress for the copy of IPv6 for Enterprise Networks that was provided to me. There has been a fair amount of hype around the release of this book, and the timing of its release almost exactly to the exhaustion of IPv4 within IANA is I’m sure not a coincidence, so I had been very interested in picking up a copy for myself.

Alright, enough of the full disclosure, let’s get at the review.

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Cisco Mind Share Review

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by on December 30th, 2010 tags: , , , ,

Intro Screen

“We worked with the best serious game developers, educators and technical experts to produce a game that is not only fun, but will help you learn.” – Jerry Bush, Mind Share Game Project Lead, Cisco

When I had the opportunity to review CiscoPress’ new Cisco Mind Share game, I jumped at the chance. I’ve been a frequent visitor of the Cisco Arcade for quite some time, enjoying their free flash-based interactive networking games. The Cisco Arcade has been a much loved and well known area of education games throughout the Internet for several years so it’s no wonder that the Cisco Mind Share game has been in the “Game Spotlight” on their site for over a year.

CiscoPress finally released its full-fledged version of the Cisco Mind Share game in mid 2009 satisfying a lot of heightened attention and eager Cisco fans, myself included. I’ve had the great luxury of playing through this game several times and feel that the it’s a fine example of balance between constructive creativity, technical subject matter, and pure entertainment. Though this game is aimed specifically at teaching the core ICND1 curriculum (CCO), it offers is refreshing take on the fundamentals of networking regardless of your current skill level. CisoPress has recently announced they are offering their newly popular Cisco Mind Share game as a bundle with one of their most popular ICND1 study guides allowing those to study for the ICND1 exam alongside the game. Good thinking CisoPress!

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Cisco SWITCH Cert Kit Review

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by on July 15th, 2010 tags: , , , , ,

As many of you may remember, we ran a giveaway in February that was sponsored by CiscoPress. They provided their new Cert Kits as the prizes and they also sent me a set to use and review. If you’ve been following my recert progress, you know that I recently passed the CCNA again and have started studying for the SWITCH exam so I am finally getting around to reviewing the first of the Cert Kits.

The CCNP SWITCH kit package contains:

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